Save Our Sands Alliance opposes destruction and large scale mining in the Southern Highlands of NSW and across Australia.


Recognising the ruinous effects of sand mining on the environment and public health, the charitable objectives of Save Our Sands Alliance are to:

  • protect environmentally sensitive areas and farmland from sand mining
  • protect native flora and fauna
  • protect ground and surface water systems
  • publicise the environmental impacts of uncontrolled mining
  • advocate for people whose health, properties and livelihoods are affected by mining


SOSA established in 2018, following a proposal by Sutton Forest Quarries Pty Ltd to the NSW Goverment to build the Sutton Forest Sand ‘Quarry’. SOSA advocates on the impact this sand mine would have on the environment, ground water and surface water, and for the people whose lives are directly affected by the proposed sand mine.

Partner and Supporter

SOSA supports and partners with other environmental organisations within Australia. SOSA is proud to support the following environmental organisations: