Impact on ground and surface water could pollute Sydney’s water supply – ABC Illawarra

Host, Lindsay McDougall, says there will be a meeting between the Department of Planning and Environment and Southern Highlands community members tonight at Sutton Forest Village Hall to hear concerns about the proposed sand quarry. Peter Martin, President – Coal Free Southern Highlands, will attend the meeting tonight to also give assistance to another group called Save Our Sands Alliance.

Martin says the project is located in a sensitive and environmental area in southwest biodiversity wildlife corridor and is close to local neighbours and potential land developments in the area. He adds the project will have a significant impact on groundwater and surface water in the protected area of Long Swamp Creek. He says the Hawkesbury sandstone layer, which contains the aquifer system in the Southern Highlands, will be quarried down by 55 metres. He mentions the system is part of Sydney water catchment.

Martin says the project will have a negative impact and has been poorly presented in the environmental impact statement. He says it is up to the proponent to come up with a plan which will mitigate the impacts but experts have told them it will be difficult to come up with a plan which gives the required result and comfort to the landowners. Martin says the community’s reaction will be negative if the proposed quarry will be approved.